Erotic Boudoir Photos

The story of Kate Michaels



Kate Michaels founded Darkroom Photography after

years of searching for a specific experience. While first

starting in landscape photography, Kate always kept an

eye on erotic boudoir photos. While she had always

been interested in the art form she began looking for a

true boudoir experience that she could hire herself.

Several of her friends had the same idea so the search

began. Sadly, they all found less than exciting results.

To Kate’s surprise most boudoir photographers were

unprofessional at best. While their final results were

usually good, Kate had reservations. She realized that it

was these very reservations that prevented her and her

friends from getting the truly amazing photographs

they desired.  And so Darkroom Photography was

formed to serve a specific need. The need for beauty.

The need for expression. The need for passion.


 With everyone having a camera and a society obsessed

with “selfies” Darkroom Photography offers more than

photography. We offer an experience. The experience of

feeling truly empowered, safe and open. It’s within this

environment that Kate has been able to truly craft heart

stopping imagery for hundreds of women and

couples. If you’re looking to capture your sensual

beauty or just interested in experimenting with a

professional female photographer then you simply need

to contact us here at Darkroom Photography.