The owner of Darkroom Photography, Kate Michaels, makes certain that her clients always receive a personalized photography experience conducted by a female photographer; one who is open and comfortable photographing her client’s innermost fantasies brought to life. By selecting Darkroom, you are ensuring that all individuals, no matter their gender or quantity, are at ease and are focused on the task at hand: documenting their fantasies brought to life.

What sets Kate apart from other female photographers, is her open-mindedness and comfort with all things kink. With Kate, you are free to be yourselves. Regardless of your tastes (swinger, threesome, BDSM, group), your vision will be treated with respect and even your most secret desires will be captured in a safe and confidential environment.

Sensuality is especially important to Kate. When asked how she brings out the sensual side of her clients she responded with, “If a client is uncomfortable, he or she will not photograph well. their discomfort will be apparent. From the time that my client’s make initial contact, I make sure that they know that questions and feedback are encouraged. By the day of the session, my clients are relaxed and comfortable. This allows my clients to feel empowered and free to leave their sensuality and sexuality flow. This raw attraction and lust is apparent in the resulting images”. Kate works hard to ensure that her client’s vision of their Darkroom Experience is realized and that all parties are comfortable and consenting.  The courage that her clients’ posses to open themselves in the most intimate setting possible is not lost on Kate. No matter the motivation, every single Darkroom client has fought hard to become the person they have become. It is Kate’s vision to capture her client’s inner and outer beauty, along with the love/lust between lovers.

Custom Photo Shoot

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It is Darkroom Photography’s policy to NEVER utilize photographs in advertising or online posting that we have not been given written permission to use by their client. Kate maintains friendships with past clients, many of whom return (with friends) for additional sessions to commemorate kinky parties, anniversaries, or other special occasions.

Kate combines her camera and the nude human form to create a graphic masterpiece. A person’s curves become the composition. Composition, lighting, and angles are purposeful. If the image does not pulsate with lust, Kate considers it a failure. The result is clean, bold, graphic elements that slice through the noise of insecurities and the stress of daily life. Darkroom Photography’s philosophy is a simple one: Be brave enough to live your fantasies…no matter your gender.

It is this ability to bring her vision to the result that attracted Kate to erotic boudoir photography. She began as a portrait photographer, but enjoyed showing people at their sexiest, and making her subjects feel as sensual and passionate as the models one sees on Tumblr. The result is a mix between boudoir and fine art photography: Erotic Boudoir. The product—the resulting photograph—may still be oriented toward certain sexual tastes and a specific audience, but the photographer’s vision and interpretation influence the outcome. Every Darkroom Photography photo session is based upon creative collaboration between photographer and client, their partners, and playmates.