Kate Michaels- Photographer

Kate Michaels-Your Photographer

How much will my shoot cost?

We will edit all photos to meet your comfort level of anonymity. All remaining “rough” digital photos will be destroyed after postproduction editing is completed. Your personal information, including your name, identity and personal details will always remain 100% confidential.



Do I have to have the perfect body?

You already have the perfect body for a Darkroom Photography photo shoot. We will creatively and professionally use camera angles, settings, poses, and lighting to bring out your erotic beauty, and hide any “problem areas”.



Do I have to be nude?

Nudity is an option, but not a requirement at Darkroom Photography. All shoots are designed with your comfort as the top priority. We want you to be free to express your wild side, but we want you to do so free of any outside influence or pressure. Your input on the photographs and experience you envisioned is welcomed and encouraged.



Where will my photo shoot be held?

Darkroom Photography holds shoots in a variety of locations. Shoots can be held in private homes or hotel rooms. All locations must be pre-approved via emailed photos no less then one week before your shoot is scheduled. All hotel expenses must be paid by the client. A list of “photo friendly” hotels in the DFW area can be provided upon request.



What about hair and makeup?

Most clients elect to do their own hair and makeup. My belief is that a sexy, tousled look photographs best. However, this is a personal preference. If a more polished look is what you desire, a list of professional hair and makeup artists can be provided upon request. These artists are contracted directly by the client, and are not affiliated with Darkroom Photography.



Who will be in the room during my shoot?

The set of your photo shoot can be restricted to just you and the photographer, but you are welcome to invite others to meet with your comfort level. It is not unusual to have one or more friends quietly observe from a respectful distance. We reserve the right to ask any bystanders to exit the area, for any reason, at any time.



If I have another person(s) in my shots, how frisky can we get?

Darkroom Photography wants you to be as racy as your darkest desires allow. How racy your experience gets will depend upon your comfort level.



How long does it take to receive my finished photos?

The completed package of your photos will be delivered via website link within approximately three weeks of your shoot. If you package included you choosing your images, you will be given a link where you may make your selections at your leasure. When your selections are complete, notifiy us and your images will be released for digital download in .TIFF format. Printed/ matted photos and USB drives are available for purchase. 



How many outfits do I get to be photographed in?

Unlike other studios, we do not place any limits on the number of scenes or wardrobe changes during your 4-hour shoot. A standard, 4-hour session normally allows for three or four different scenes, but this number may vary depending on the type of scene, and the number of participants.



If my significant other does not want to be in the photos, will he/she be allowed to watch?

Darkroom Photography offers more than professional images. We offer an erotic experience that you are welcome to share with your significant other. Your photo shoot will be conducted in a professional and respectful manner, where quiet observation is always welcomed.



Is there anyway to get discounts on photo packages?

Darkroom Photography offers discounts for new-client referrals, SDC members, Collette VIP members, as well as all, active, prior service, and retired military members.